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Something catch your eye?

Contact Olivitree on one of the links below.

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Important commission information


Prices are estimates based on an average cost. Complex ideas or characters may cost extra, particularly simple characters may cost less.

Price is per character.

Commissions types described as portraits are shoulders up, do increase it to half body is the price*1.5, full body is twice the price.
Backgrounds vary based on the complexity of your idea, a basic background is free.

Turn around time

Turn around times are estimates, I am human so sometimes things take longer, or less time!
If you have a deadline, you must let me know at the start of the commission process.


Payment is up front, on particularly high price commissions partial payments may be an option, based on discussions.

Payments can be taken via Paypal, cashapp or bank transfer.

Refunds and returns

Refunds available on a percentage based system, for example, if the commission is 50% done, you can have a 50% refund, minus any materials already paid for.
Returns for refunds on commission items available only on resalable items or items that were damaged in transport.

Further information

For full terms of service, privacy policy and information on how I work, please read this page!

Let’s Work Together

Drop me a message on one of the socials or, use the form to request an email back, let me know what product you are interested in and give me some details on your idea.

Thanks for submitting!

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