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These laser cut badges come in a variety of materials from acrylic of various colours to wood.


Simply pick which material you would like from the list provided, or, if you would like to request a specific one, drop us a message after you have ordered.

Laser cut badge (Physical)


  • Returns by negotiation, if piece is agreed as completed upon seeing photo of completed item, no returns. 
    If damaged in transit, refund available upon return of the item. If repairs are possible, the item can be repaired and sent out again at no extra cost. Please contact me if item has been damaged in transit.
    Correction of errors according to feedback specification  are available when updates are provided. 
    Other changes have limits, first 5 minor changes and 1 large total change FREE (as long as changes at the sketch stage)!
    More changes may be available but may be subject to a fee.
    Refunds available by negotiation based on percentage of piece completed, no refunds available if piece entirely completed.

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